In June 2013, Wired Solutions was named the lead software developer for the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) Student Portal.

Over the past several months, our entire team has been working diligently alongside the AFMC team to design, develop and implement an all new online tool to act as a one-stop-shop for Canadian and international students applying for visiting electives at all faculties of medicine across Canada.

The application, developed by Wired Solutions to streamline the elective placement process for students, includes a searchable database of all visiting electives offered in Canada, PCI compliant payment processing, and a communication hub that keeps students informed about their application status.

We are excited to announce that as of November 2014, eligible medical students are now able to apply through the AFMC Student Portal for visiting electives at seven faculties of medicine in Canada. Medical students around the world are being encouraged to use the AFMC Student Portal’s Visiting Elective Guide to explore information about visiting electives available across Canada.

Wired Solutions developed the Visiting Elective Guide as an online central database of visiting elective opportunities that can be used to search for opportunities at any time, without requiring the user to register for a Student Portal account or submit an application.

Check out the AFMC Student Portal launch video here.

Key features of the publically accessible AFMC Student Portal Visiting Elective Guide include:

  • The ability to perform a keyword search for visiting elective opportunities in Canada, without the need to register for an account or submit an application.

  • A fully bilingual database of electives – allowing site visitors to select their preferred language.

  • The ability to refine an elective search using Filter options such as Host Institutions, Specialty, and Language.

  • The ability to select a Faculty of Medicine and review a detailed Institution profile with comprehensive information about the institution, including contact details, policy information, and more.

  • The ability to review a full, comprehensive list of all available elective opportunities within a particular institution of choice, including extensive information regarding the area of specialty, the subspecialty, the location of the elective, the academic year in which the elective is offered, the language in which the elective is offered, and much more.

For more information about Wired Solutions’ role in as the developer and designer of the AFMC Student Portal project, visit our portfolio here. For recent updates about the launch of the Student Portal at each of the faculties of medicine across Canada, visit the AFMC official website.

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