The ability to generate and report on quantifiable performance and engagement metrics is paramount when it comes to monitoring the success of large scale applications. Understanding how users are navigating an application, how they are searching for resources, and how they are interacting with the content provided, makes optimizing the user experience easier and more effective. Providing admin users with accurate, useful, and value-added analytic reports, requires the following core functionality:

  • Customization of analytic data
  • Easy access to reports
  • Both on-demand and user-generated reporting functionality; and
  • Streamlined visualizations of collected data

When in-app support for analytic reporting became a necessity in, Wired Solutions responded by developing a fully integrated custom portal solution that effectively tracks site wide activity, as well as tracking engagement and performance data specific to each institution represented in the portal. Wired Solutions integrated analytic data directly into the various data entities within, such as course data, program data, institution data, student resource data, teacher resource data, and more. Custom query APIs then provide context relevant analytics for each activity item added to the eCampus system. Detailed reports are delivered to Admin users via the dynamic Admin Dashboard interface. Intitutive data tables summarize key metrics of interest specific to the Admin's user type (i.e. Super Admin or Institution Admin). In addition, all data remains fully dependent on the user's selected date range. Data metrics instantaneously recalculate to display Dashboard data according to the date ranges selected at any given time.  is the official online portal for learners looking for online and mostly online courses at Ontario colleges and universities. Institution Admin users are able to securely login to the eCampus system in order to modify and maintain institution-specific information. Institution Admin users are also responsible for ensuring that configurable course or program information remains up-to-date and accurate. Similarly, Super Admin users are responsible for monitoring site-wide performance, ensuring that all site-wide content is up-to-date, and providing ongoing support for the application's diverse user groups.

Upon logging in to, admin users now gain access to a dynamically generated Admin Dashboard, with information specific to the Admin's user type and institution. Each Admin Dashboard also provides a data driven visualization of the user's key metrics of interest. Metrics can include performance and engagement markers such as: Overall Site Traffic, Program and Course Views and Clicks, Referral Rates, conversion data, Top Site Pages, and more. Dashboard data tables are highly intuitive and easy to decipher. For example, the Super Admin Dashboard, illustrated in the image below, summarizes general site-wide engagement. This includes custom reports on Site Traffic, Site Engagement (i.e. Time On Site, Page views, Top Content summarizes, and more), Top Keyword Search Terms, Conversion Rates, and more.


Ultimately, the addition of our custom in-app analytics reporting system ensures that admin users gain real-time access to context relevant performance and engagement reports. The ability to view end user interaction within the eCampus portal allows admin users to continually modify content and resources in order to provide a truly optimized end user experience. 

Performance monitoring can change the way your organization does business. Learn more about optimizing your custom software solutions by contacting Wired Solutions today.

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