On October 8th, 2015, the province of Ontario officially launched the eCampus Ontario web portal, a powerful online education portal developed exclusively by our team at Wired Solutions.

The portal provides Ontario post-secondary students and learners globally with immediate access to thousands of accredited online college and university courses. Currently, the portal provides a searchable catalogue of more than 13,000 online courses, registration information and more, while also allowing users to:

  • Intuitively search through high-quality online courses that are widely recognized for credit across the post-secondary sector
  • Gain real-time access to 277 new and redesigned courses with transferable credits between participating institutions
  • Interact with features and functionalities that easily and immediately identify credit transfer information; and
  • Access resources and support documents, including resources for faculty seeking support in the design and delivery of online courses.

Wired Solutions was awarded the eCampus Ontario web portal development contract in May 2015 through a competitive RFP process. We promptly began our collaborative development process alongside the Ontario Online Learning Consortium (OOLC) project team following notification of our new role as lead developers.

Throughout the development process, the Wired Solutions team was able to leverage our strengths in the higher education vertical, pulling on the skills and expertise we gained through our work on projects such as: the AFMC Student Portal, XpressLab and additional endeavours alongside our longtime partners, the Ministry of Education, Ontario.

Wired Solutions custom developed the web-based application from the ground-up, with a consistent focus on the end-user experience. To facilitate our custom approach, we leveraged a selection of our pre-developed proprietary core engines, such as the: Wired Authentication Engine, Wired Multilingual Engine, Wired Content Management, and Wired Help. These engines acts as key building blocks in the development of the eCampus Ontario portal application.

Additional technical and programming project highlights include:

  • Our custom developed, dedicated Data Exchange API that effectively retrieves course and institution data from ONCAT, and then populates information and resources within the eCampus Ontario portal in real-time. This proprietary Data Exchange API now powers the Portal’s searchable catalogue of more than 13,000 online courses, registration information and more.
  • A responsive design, complete with the latest trends in in web and UX design, which provides a sleek, modern front-end appearance that resonates with the application’s target audience and branding.
  • A fully secure, granular roles-based security model that ties each user account to an appropriate security role. Security roles are responsible for defining which areas of the portal the user may access, as well as defining the logic and functionality of the portal areas as defined by the user type (i.e. Student, Institution Admin, etc.); and
  • Full compliance with WCAG 2.0 Level AA requirements and full bilingual (English and French) support within all user interfaces, databases and client-side script files.

We are pleased to witness the incredible uptake of the eCampus Ontario portal application across the province and look forward to working closley with the eCampusOntario.ca team as we plan on developing additional functionality and student supports in the future!

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