Until recently, the Kiwanis Music Festival of Windsor-Essex County relied on a traditional pen and paper process for registering participants into the various courses and competitions involved in the annual Festival.

Participants were required to fill out a paper-based registration form and mail or submit the application and payments to Festival Administrators prior to enrollment. Administrators were then responsible for manually adding these participants into a Microsoft Access database. Overall, the process proved to be timely and also introduced privacy concerns.

To address these concerns, Wired Solutions teamed up the with Kiwanis Music Festival of Windsor-Essex to create an automated, web-based application that allows Festival participants to register and pay for courses online, while also supporting dynamic reporting for Festival Administrators.

After fully re-designing the Kiwanis Festival’s website, Wired Solutions developed the customized registration system, stemming from the Festivals system.

Here’s a step-by-by look at how the process works:

1. Site users arrive on the Festival website and are prompted to register by selecting from the drop down list of Categories and Subcategories. These categories refer to the various instrumental groups included in the Festival.

2. The user then locates the class type from the list of search results and click the Register button.

3. When the Register button is selected, a dialog box prompts the user to supply the details for their selection pieces. The important rules for each class are included at the top of every dialogue box. Once the details are provided, the user selects “Add to Cart”.

4. The user may then view their shopping cart and “Checkout Now”.

5. During the Checkout process, the registrant must supply the same information contained in the traditional pen and paper registration forms. With the form completed, the participant is fully registered for the Festival class and the information provided is stored in a secure, encrypted database.

Finally, Kiwanis Music Festival Administrators with the appropriate security credentials can access the registrant’s name and registration information from within the Admin Portal and dynamic reports can be exported for further processing.

To facilitate the online payment transaction process, Wired Solutions integrated with Beanstream – a renowned payment processing company. Online payment transactions are made possible through Beanstream’s secure gateway.To learn more about this project, visit our portfolio here.

Are there ways to streamline your business’s workflows? A custom, automated web-based application may be the best solution for your business needs. To discuss your unique situation with Wired Solutions, contact our dedicated team of web professionals at 519-250-7786 or sales@wiredsolutions.ca.

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