Wired Solutions specializes in complex and customized development with a successful portfolio consisting of mid- to large-sized projects that are national in scope. The Wired Solutions team is highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to the unique aspects of complex, integrated development. This unique experience includes a strong, practical understanding of education software, medical and patient data collection systems and 3rd party integrations. As a full service development agency, our team is skilled in each aspect of project management, from initial project planning to integrated design and final launch.

With a commitment to personal, one-on-one service, we ensure that all of our work is executed in collaboration with our clients, every step of the way. Our agile approach to project management results in an energized and informed development team that puts the client first.

Unlike most development agencies, the final product is not our end goal. At Wired Solutions, we are always thinking of the bigger picture, exceeding our client’s expectations and focusing on their long-term needs, budget and future plans. We continue to provide consultation, additional iterations and program updates to supply more elements and functionality as our client’s needs grow and change.

The scope of software development has changed significantly over the past decade and software development no longer refers to running a program via a disk or application.

When we refer to software development, we are talking about custom developed, unique digital systems, that manage business needs and objectives using digitally connected interfaces and robust database repositories in order to improve internal workflows, automate tasks and integrate multiple data sources in to one, easy-to-use system.

Consultation is an integral part of our project management and development methodologies. From project inception to the completion of a final product, our team meets with our clients and their internal marketing team in a series of one-on-one consultative meetings.

Our dedicated and highly experienced Project Manager begins by conducting a thorough consultation to uncover business needs, objectives and future plans. At each stage of the design and development process, we submit wireframes and prototypes so that our clients can actively engage with their project. Each client receives login credentials to their system and prototype. This allows our clients to provide us with constant feedback as we work towards a final, error-free web-based system.

While project timelines are dependent on the depth and scope of each unique endeavor, our development style utilizes constant updates, tracking and status reviews to ensure the timely completion of each project.

With a focus on efficiency from start to finish, we ask our clients to continually revise and review after each stage of development. This means that our clients are actively involved in reporting any bugs and areas of weakness, and are able to view daily, detailed progress reports throughout development. In this way, we are constantly improving each project as development is underway.

The result is a streamlined work flow and constant collaboration that ultimately results in time-efficiency. You can expect a unique project timeline that remains in line with your budget, needs and expectations.

Wired CMS is a unique content management system because it is fully customized based on each unique project and client needs. With Wired CMS, you can expect full integration with your internal workflows and any existing 3rd party applications or functionality.

Using the Wired CMS platform, we develop each website and web-based application to allow for easy updating and editing, so our clients remain in full control of their system. In order to achieve this, we augment and customize each feature, from our mobile optimized gallery widget to our mail manager, data form manager and robust e-commerce platform, to suit each client’s objectives and unique project nuances. Additional widgets are also created to facilitate our client and their project needs.