Client Intro

The Ontario Ministry of Education is a facet of the provincial government, and is responsible for government policy, funding, curriculum planning and direction in all levels of public education. The Ontario Ministry of Education administers the system of publicly funded elementary and secondary school education in Canada.

eLearning Ontario refers to the Ontario Ministry of Education’s provincial e-learning strategy. eLearning Ontario provides Ontario school boards, schools and students with access to influential education software and resources.

The Challenge

Ontario teachers and board administrators required a new method of registering students into online courses within Ontario schools. A web-based solution would eliminate antiquated  workflows, while also providing a secure repository of digital records such as student registrations and progress reports, which could be tied back to each student’s native school.

As a large scale, province-wide initiative, this project would involve direct collaboration among a number of diverse stakeholders, comprised of: Ontario school board representatives, Ontario school teachers and guidance counselors, and students.

In addition, Ontario Ministry of Education and eLearning Ontario mandates include a strong focus on  future expansion. As a result, the proposed solutions would have to be scalable while also supporting integration with third party applications and future developments or iterations.

The Solution

Working closely with counselors, teachers, school board representatives, and students, Wired Solutions developed the Seat Reservation System (SRS) – a uniquely customized web-based application that incorporates user-friendly interfaces to facilitate the registration of students in online courses across Ontario.

Wired Solutions custom developed the SRS platform from the ground up, ensuring that each module within the application directly responded to the needs and requirements of each user group. A Roles Based security framework to enable system functionality based on a user’s pre-defined role (such as: guidance counselor/teacher, student, school board representative, etc.). Through this system, each registered user is assigned to one or many roles. The user’s access to the content and/or modules within the SRS is then granted based on their user type.

In addition to the roles based security framework, Wired Solutions further developed an extensive Account and User Management system to allow individual school board representatives that ability to manage their own board with unique user accounts, segregated to include private information specific to the user’s school board.

Complex rule building interfaces allow school board representatives (DeLCs) to decide which school boards are allowed to register their students for course offerings within their board.  Counselors register students for course offerings that DeLCs add to the system, which then triggers notifications and approval processes from the DeLC and counselor.

Extensive reporting is built into the system to allow DeLCs and administrators the ability to customize reports with specific columns and formatting that reflects their unique school board mandates.

Wired Solutions built the Seat Reservation System on the ASP.NET MVC and SQL Server frameworks to ensure that the system remained scalable as well as supporting future growth and integration with new iterations.  Wired Solutions continues to provide active development on the SRS application on a regularly-planned schedule, supporting the Ministry’s needs for expansion and system upgrades.

Supporting Technologies

  • Roles based security framework
  • SQL Server