Client Intro

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit (WE CHU) is the official health agency governing the Windsor and Essex County region. As one of the 36 public health units in Ontario, WE CHU is responsible for administering health promotion and disease prevention programs targeted at informing the public about health lifestyles, communicable disease control, immunization, food premise inspections, health education for all age groups and selected screening services. The WE CHU is a facet of the municipal government.

The Challenge

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit (WE CHU) required a way to improve the ease and efficiency of monitoring the immunization status of school aged children within the community, while also making it easier for community members to request copies of their child’s immunization records.

Immunization records were gathered in a paper-based format, while requests for copies of a child’s immunization records could only be obtained by visiting a local Health Unit.

The Solution

Wired Solutions responded to the challenge by developing a unique Online Vaccine Reporting system and dedicated web portal, designed to provide specific information applicable to local parents looking to submit or collect immunization records for their school aged children.

A secure, 4-step application wizard was developed to guide users through the application process. With our custom developed Child Immunization Form, immunization and user data could be collected and stored within a secured web database. A dedicated database that fully complies with government standard data security protocol, ensures that all immunization and health data is protected.

The intuitive, user-friendly interface effectively simplified the data collection process for parents, and eliminated the antiquated process of  faxing record applications or visiting one of the Health Unit locations. A branded HTML email confirmation is automatically sent through the system to confirm the user’s successful completion of the online form.

A robust data validation method was also developed and built into the front-end data collection form, whereby validation and error messages are displayed to the end-user in the event that the information entered into the form is in an incorrect format.

In addition, a separate application form was developed for requesting records. This application uses a detailed data form to effectively collect pertinent information. Once collected, the information is processed through a secured database and a request for records is sent to Health Unit.

Through the ability of a custom Roles Based Security framework, we ensured that various aspects of the portal were successfully locked down to specific user groups. For instance, end users interact with different content and web forms than WE CHU administrators.

The back-end administrators area of the portal was developed to provide users with valid credentials the ability to view submissions posted to the system. Submissions can be updated by administrators where and when application, with the ability to print a submission for manual entry into internal management platforms.

Supporting Technologies

  • MySQL
  • XHTML compliant markup
  • Pure CSS layouts and styling
  • Unobtrusive JQUERY (Javascript) client-side scripting