Client Intro

The Windsor Essex Community Health Centre (WE CHC) was formed as a result of the amalgamation of the Teen Health and Sandwich Community Health Centres in 2009. The WE CHC is a community Health Centre that supports the health and wellness of the local population. The organization is comprised of several locations and functions, which include: the Teen Health Centre, the Street Health Centre, Sandwich Community Health Centre, the Chronic Disease Centre, the Falls Prevention Program, and the Chronic Disease Self Management Program.

The Challenge

Collecting survey data from local community members proved to be a daunting task for WE CHC administrators. Paper-based surveys and generic online survey forms offered limited incentive for participants, which made data collection even more problematic.

Replacing paper-based surveys with a web based method of creating interactive surveys as well as a computerized process for data collection, would effectively reduce the time and resources spent on survey creation and dissemination.

In addition, a fully customized Survey Engine could also support a rewards based system in order to boost participation. Using a web-based application, interactive surveys could be created, disseminated and collected, with entry data automatically published to a secure database for retrieval by WE CHC administrators.

To ensure the success of survey initiatives, participants could be rewarded by attaching contests to each survey application, Survey contents could also be embedded within participating websites and web pages to increase expose and capture greater participation.

The Solution

Wired Solutions responded to the needs of the WE CHC by developing a fully customized Contest Engine management panel and widget plug-in system that allows WE CHC administrators to quickly and easily create surveys in the form of contests.

A key feature of the Contest Engine included a custom code generator, which quickly and easily creates and/or tracks unique contest codes. This code generator renders a unique source code, making it easy to integrate survey contests across participating websites and web pages.

Using the custom code generator, WE CHC administrators can quickly set up a mass survey and disseminate it in conjunction with participating organizations. Survey administrators have the ability to enter in the number of codes they wish to auto-generate as well as the ability to upload pre-existing contest codes into the system.

By developing a custom Contest Manager within the application, we made it possible for WE CHC administrators to create new contests, edit existing contests, and enter survey descriptions, thank-you messages and winner notifications. From the management portal, administrators can also determine the contest type (i.e. instant win or draw), as well as the percentage of instant wins. Moreover, the ability to create and manage data fields allows administrators to determine which data fields to collect.

Data collected through each survey is stored on our secure Canadian database, ensuring that each contest adheres to strict privacy requirements, while also maintaining the integrity of the data collection process. Contest submission data can be exported to CSV for importing into existing management systems.

Supporting Technologies

  • C#
  • Javascript